The most useful post of all time !

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The most useful post of all time !

Postby Panado » Wed Jul 13, 2016 8:31 pm

Welcome to OuBallies folks,

Reposting the most useful links that were in the WhatsApp group before the forums started up.

It's quite a long list, some might be a little outdated by now and of you may have read all / most of this, but all of the below are worth a look

Don't be intimidated, take it one at a time :D

Beginner's guide ... d_winning/

Basic mouse settings (a rough guide)
Windows 6 sensitivity, acceleration off
In game sensitivity times mouse DPI should be ROUGHLY 4000, so 5 x 800 or 4 x 1000
30-40cm mouse movement for an in-game 360

Pro's sensitivities / mouse settings etc ... d-headset/

Graphics settings ... -settings/
For reference, I run these with a 980ti. Vsync / framerate limiting ALWAYS off (unless you have a 144 / 165hz monitor, then maybe)
Framerate = life

Two good stat tracking sites (not been updating the past few days, so lets see, still makes for interesting reading)

The No1 streamer, really informative (and a hardcore pro player) ... O5PWHqr8Hw

Good comms ftw ... -overwatch ... ay_to_win/

Team composition ... nderstand/

Flanking routes, very useful ... ode=NORMAL flanks

Counters ... k/htmlview

Worth a sign, you never know ... m=copylink

Latest patch notes (today) ... patchnotes

That's it !

Feel free to add more useful / educational stuff

Most importantly though, HAVE FUN !



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Re: The most useful post of all time !

Postby StormCrow » Thu Jul 14, 2016 9:45 am

Awesome job!

Thanks Panado

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Re: The most useful post of all time !

Postby Waansin » Fri Jul 29, 2016 12:53 pm

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