Dealing with flankers

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Dealing with flankers

Postby Kezbane » Wed Aug 24, 2016 8:09 pm

One of the top reasons for losing games is not dealing with enemy flankers so they can do as they please.

Flankers are trying to:
a) kill supports and
b) create confusion/distract to allow their main force to have an advantage.

We need to:
a) watch/listen for flankers and call them out
b) decide who will respond to kill them
c) protect our supports
d) Not lose our main focus on the enemy's main force
e) git gud at Mccree

After some thought, I suggest that a response team of two is the right number to send to quickly dispatch of any flanker, they should be heroes that have enough mobility as far as the map is concerned since they may need to chase down the flanker. The other 4 should focus on holding our position/the choke when we are defending or if we are attacking the 4 should NOT DIE which in many cases will mean falling back from the choke/point, breaking line of sight completely, immediately ceasing any sort of "poking", and grouping so we can quickly 6v5 push after we kill the flanker.

Ideally the response team should be two dps heroes, but we can send a tank if they happen to be a strong counter. If for some reason 2 people are not enough on the first attempt of successfully dealing with the flanker, one of them should switch to a hard counter immediately. If that still isnt enough because the flanker is a #progenji, then it's time to send the whole team since we'll end up losing more people/the game if we split up too much and we were failing to take the objective already anyway.

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