Identifying the problems with grouped ranked play.

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Identifying the problems with grouped ranked play.

Postby Waansin » Mon Aug 01, 2016 3:15 pm

I would really like to sort out the issues we have with grouped ranked play. I'm sure I'm not alone in rather wanting to play ranked with friends than do the solo q thing.

Let's use this thread to put down the problems we have and discuss solutions.

In no particular order:

I don't think any group should be without Lucio at the moment, but as a group I don't think we use him to his full potential. If you look on the web whenever Lucio is talked about as "OP" it's always the speedboost the people are complaining about and that is something that we never really use. A big part of the problem is that we rotate Lucio duty so much between everyone that nobody really plays him all that much and we probably lack the skills it takes to make him awesome.

My suggestion would be to maybe have only 2 or 3 guys playing Lucio so that they can Git Gudder.

Charging Ults
I've come to the realization that this is probably a bad strategy. Like Panado said it works both ways. Attack with what you have and make the best of it.

Somewhat related to this is the issue of not engaging when the push has failed or the regroup has been called. If you are the last guy (or 2) alive you should not be fighting. All you are doing is feeding their ults and wasting time. Don't shoot them because you are charging the support ults. Don't heal if they can still shoot you because it is more charge for their damage ults. Even if you can kill one of them it has very little value because that 1 dead guy on their team can probably get back quicker than we can get another push going.

I really can't stress this enough, I think this is one of the big reasons why we keep running into multiple ults every time we get a push together. Run away or die trying, I can't think of any other way to handle this. It's a hard thing to do but we should really work on it.

First off - fuck Hanamura. Hate that map. For some reason we always play it multiple times.

It is the one map where cheese strats really work. Mei works here because she can cut the attacking team in two because of the choke width. Unless we learn to deal with this cheese properly we have to learn to be the cheese so we can have the same odds of winning.

Maybe we should have a map strat session for this one.

Baiting ults
This is probably one of the easiest things to improve on. Fake a push till they ult then speedboost out of there. If you can do it without losing anyone or using your own ults you can push almost immediately once their ults have worn off.

Role specialists
The nature of the game makes it difficult and I don't think we should be too strict about it, but even 1 or 2 guys sticking with a role they are good at can improve the group performance. Role specialists should preferably be able to play all or most heroes in that role. If it's something you think you want to do, put your name in the hat.

It is still important to have players that are flexible over multiple roles and also perfectly understandable if nobody wants to be a support specialist.

Me, tank.

High ground
High ground is actually a real advantage in this game and we should try and use it more. We should try and have a group of at least 2 (maybe something like Zenyatta + another ranged DPS) establish a high ground presence whenever possible.

Please add any other topics for discussion and I really want to hear what you guys think.

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Re: Identifying the problems with grouped ranked play.

Postby Kezbane » Sun Aug 14, 2016 2:47 am

Some really good points here. I think it will help, thanks :)

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